Mitra Jaya Makmur, Pneumatic, CKD

Company Profile

CV. Mitra Makmur Jaya is a supplier for industrial engineering company, which was established on March 1, 2015.we have received authority from many well-known principals as an authorized distributor in Indonesia and offers a wide range of automation components, control devices, and measuring instruments.

Every brands that we present have been selected with very carefully include the factors of High Quality, Competitive Price, also Excellent Support. Our Design concept is Engineered for the long term use with added value with service and expertise.

Discover and get-to-know our company, services and products that we offerred, everything we served to help you to get the best solution for your industrial engineering process.

CV Mitra Jaya Makmur guarantees after sales service to its customers, so that customers do not have to worry about in the use products we are selling. We will continually strive and work closely with each principals to maintain of either quality product and service that surpasses customer expectation.

Customer confidence and satisfaction become the main objective

CV. Mitra Jaya Makmur.